Butterfly safari

Join us for an unique excursion in beautiful environment. With horse and carriage we travel in a relaxed pace along small country roads, passing through a small typical swedish village. The guide tells about the interesting cultural landscape we travel through. After a while, it’s time to stop at some of the favorite places for butterflies. We learn how to catch butterflies with our nets in able to take a closer look at their color and pattern. Together we look for the species in the butterfly book. The journey continues past colourful meadows, open fields and green forests. Along the way we look for more butterflies and stop if we see them. By a beautiful lake we stop for a cup of coffee. In the water we look for microorganisms with our big aquascope. This is also a favorite place for colorful dragonflies. For those who wish, there is time for a quick swim in the lake before we head back.


  • Unique safari in historic important cultural environment
  • Great chances to see and catch butterflies in their natural environment
  • Get knowledge about swedish butterflies
  • Learn to use an butterflynet
  • Enjoy the relaxing tour with horse and wagon
  • Try to find aquatic organisms using an aquascope
  • Organic light meal outdoor


2600 SEK 1-4 persons. Additional person 250 SEK.

The tour is on request. Welcome to contact us for more information about the excursion and in order to book.

2,5 hours

Guided tour, light meal, fresh air and close encounter with swedish nature.

Meeting place will be 10 km north of Rättvik, in the small village of Nedre Gärdsjö. Please call us if you will be late. Minimum 4 persons/ tour, maximum 12 persons/ tour.

For more information or to book the tour, contact us directly on phone or email and we will contact you as soon as we can. Have a nice day!
Phone: +46 (0) 73 616 11 10
E-mail: info@greenowltravel.com