Waterfall hike

Join us for an excursion in the trails of mythical legends and exciting geology. Styggforsen is an unique nature reserve about 20 km north of Rättvik in Dalarna. Here, the ice sheet made its mark in form of a deep canyon and the steep rock walls are visible traces of the meteorite that struck the area some 370 million years ago. The water plunges down a 36-meter rock wall and in the area old forest is growing. The special environment has also given rise to several imaginative legends and the surroundings are enchanted so to say. Amongst other, both trolls and thieves are said to have lived in the cave below the waterfall and giants are said to have reigned the woods. If you go gently local forest beings such as the ”Mörksugga” might show up. This is truly an exciting excursion for all, young as old!


  • Guided tour in an unique nature reserve
  • See and learn more about the dramatic nature
  • Learn about how people farmed the place in the past
  • Check for magical nature beings
  • Listen to tales from the past
  • Get quality time together
  • Enjoy the silence and fresh air
  • Light meal by the camp fire

PRICE 550 SEK/ person, 350 SEK/ child (up to 13)

DURATION Approx 3 hours. This tour is on request. Please contact us. 

INCLUDED Transport, local guide, light meal and refreshments by the camp fire, fresh air and close encounter with unique Swedish nature.

PLACE Meeting place will be outside the Tourist Centre of Rättvik.