Our name is no coincidence and our selection of activities are no coincidence. They are selected for a reason.


Stands for ecotourism and our care for nature. Our ambition is to think green in everything we do and we offer organic and/or local products on all our tours. We operate in rural areas and feel proud of the capacity of the people on the countryside.

* OWL *

Symbolizes knowledge, something we strive to fulfill on all our tours. We want our guests to achieve a deeper understanding about nature as well as about Sweden as the perfect outdoor country. The eagle owl (Lat. Bubo Bubo) is one of the largest owls in the world, it is also the totem animal of the county of Dalarna, where you find us!


Is what we love to do and make others do! However we support every way to travel sustainable. We know, it´s not always easy but we are convinced that it is possible and we believe that if we all strive to travel sustainable we will have a better future. Our owner Lotta holds lectures on this topic in schools and companies around Sweden.

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