My name is Lotta Backlund and I’m the founder and owner of Green Owl Travel. I trained as a social and cultural analyst and for many years I worked sitting still in an office. But as this began to feel too monotonous and my longing to be out in nature became overwhelming I retrained as a travel producer, gave up my job and started Green Owl Travel.

I´m passionated about helping people discover the importance and values of nature and I want more people to experience the incredible Swedish countryside with fascinating nature, geology, culture as well as interesting history. I want to provide the opportunity to stop for a while and enjoy the energy nature gives us. My ambition is to explore and value the simple things in life. That means sitting by a campfire, enjoying food outdoors, drinking water straight from a babbling brook, feel the peacefulness of the nature and breathe clean, fresh air.

Our guests are curious adventurers of all ages who want to learn more about the nature and culture of Sweden. We offer soft adventures all year round such as hikes, biking tours, snowshoe walks and easy-going multiple day tours. Most of our trips takes place in the Lake Siljan area.

Lake Siljan is situated in the heart of Dalarna and Sweden, approx 3 hours from Stockholm. Because of a meteorite impact some 377 million years ago the area is fascinating in many ways – there’s a unique flora, rich fauna and exciting geology.

Green Owl Travel also organise tours in other parts of Dalarna. Together with local partners we create memorable experiences.

Go green with us!

Lotta Backlund,
Green Owl Travel